Property Law

Having over 20 years’ experience in Property Law, Allsquare Law offers expertise in this field with a core area for litigation and block management. We work closely with Property Managing agents, Landlords, Leaseholders, Developers and offer specialisms in Landlord & Tenant work. The team at Allsquare Law takes pride in understanding the requirements of our clients and tailoring the work for their needs.

One of the first Alternative Business Structures, we are lucky to have leading technology to support our systems, ensuring swift and accurate results. From our Head Office in Buckinghamshire, we are able to work nationally with our teams across the country.

Allsquare Law offers both business and individual legal advice.


Finding yourself embroiled in a disrepair case can be time-consuming and expensive if not resolved before a Court Hearing.  By seeking our specialist Property Law and Dispute Resolution advice, we can take the burden away and advise as to how to mediate to keep costs to a minimum.

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Development Agreements

We can advise and guide our clients through strategy, structuring, site assembly and negotiating the development agreements for Leases (often when a tenant takes on a Lease upon construction of the development; sale of a completed development; or funding agreements to provide finance for the development project).

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Neighbour Problems (trespass, nuisance, etc)

From disputes over boundaries to nuisance actions, Allsquare Law are here to advise and guide you through the legalities with expert professionalism, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  A nuisance neighbour could be a Social Housing Tenant, a Rental Tenant, a Leaseholder or Freeholder.  We know the stress when it comes to confrontation with a home and therefore we are here to act for you.

If you are a Landlord litigating for trespass, it can be an extremely complex legal procedure.  Trespass can be either a civil offence or a criminal offence.  Other types of trespass involve squatting, boundary disputes, or members of the public using private land as a short cut, which may constitute a claim for nuisance (see above).

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Management Agreements

Let our Property Law team guide you with Management Agreement contracts you have either to set up or are in dispute over.  When setting up an agreement our aim is to help you set in place the best terms to ensure your assets are handled well and that your business plans have the correct legalities to protect for service charges and rent recovery.

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Possession Proceedings

Our Property Law specialists can guide you with any queries you have regarding possession.  There are a few reasons why a Landlord would want possession of their property and Allsquare Law are proficient at helping you through every point of the law.  Possession can be tricky but instructing a Property Law specialist from the beginning, the outcome can be swifter and more efficient.  We handle many cases under the Housing Act 1988 and therefore can offer a cost-effective solution, together with a stress-free process.

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Unlawful Eviction

When caught up in an unlawful eviction, this can cause extreme stress and the team at Allsquare Law have extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through this process.  Our Property Law team look after Tenants as well as Landlords, therefore having extensive knowledge of Housing issues.  Landlords will normally serve a Section 21 Notice to Quit or apply to the Court for a Possession Order if they require their tenants to leave.  This Notice should give you enough time to seek legal advice, and we would urge you to ask for legal help at your earliest convenience.

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Property Disputes

Disputes are never easy at the best of times, but having a team of solicitors who help mediate or find alternative dispute resolutions for these matters, can be extremely effective.  We cover a wide range of disputes including but not limited to: TOLATA Claims, Ownership Disputes, Acquisition Disputes, Joint Venture Disputes, Neighbour Disputes, Vacant Possession advice for developments, Boundary Disputes.

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Dilapidation disputes

Any dispute can be stressful but our specialist Property Law team can ease that burden and ensure a quick resolution.  If you are a Commercial agent, your tenants have a duty, under the terms of the Lease, to keep the property in good repair.   Dilapidations refer to the breach of this Lease either during or on termination of the Lease. However, if you are a tenant and your Landlord has sent you a Schedule of Dilapidations, you should seek legal advice immediately as there are many legalities that the Landlord has to cover and we can guide you through the process to make sure you know your rights.

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Let the team at Allsquare Law carry out the process for your lease extension applications, including calculating the premium.  Reviewing a lease can save time, effort and a headache in the long-run, because with a lease drawn up by experts, it can vastly reduce disputed service charges. Our expertise offers:

  • Lease extensions
  • Lease variations
  • Lease reviews
  • Grant of lease and acquisitions
  • Licence to alter
  • Drafting commercial or residential leases

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Cost Assessment to buy a Freehold of your building

Let us help regarding understanding costs when buying a Freehold.  Buying a Freehold can be a complex legal procedure and under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967 you are liable to pay the Freeholders reasonable legal and valuation costs. Agreeing costs that are reasonable for both sides are important and we can guide you through the process if the matter goes to the First-Tier Tribunal.  Our Property Law team have extensive knowledge of buying Freeholds and can help you through the legalities with efficiency and cost-effectively.

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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Allsquare Law are committed to resolving disputes as a first choice.  Our clients and their customers can often keep their business relationships healthy if negotiations are communicated well.  Unfortunately, not all disputes are resolved and it is at this point the LDR team at Allsquare Law will help you through the legal and court processes, keeping you in the loop and offering ways to ensure fees are kept to a minimum.

Adverse Possession and Rent Recovery

Possession and rent recovery are often in relation to assured short-hold and protected Rent Act tenancies (including service of notices under Section 8 & Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988).  We have a specialist Lawyer within the Allsquare Law team, together with our Head of Debt Recovery, who work tirelessly to resolve issues such as these, with excellent results.

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Property Disputes (Deposit, Boundary, Planning Permission, Title, Ownership, Landlord and Tenant)

Disputes are often stressful and time-consuming so the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team at Allsquare Law are on hand to resolve any property dispute issues you are involved in. Allsquare Law are specialists in Property Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution so to marry the two ensures we offer the best advice and gain the best solutions.

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Recovery of land or premises from unlawful occupiers or squatters

When you have land or premises occupied by unlawful tenants, you need to know your rights, but you also need to know how to safely recover whilst feeling in control.  Allsquare Law have excellent partnerships with enforcers (both in residential and commercial matters), therefore we not only have the legal expertise but the correct resources to ensure that policing of a recovery procedure is safe and swift.

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Where there are issues surrounding covenants (including restrictive covenants prohibiting building work), contact our Property Law team to enquire how we can advise.

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If you are a Landlord or Landowner, you need to know your rights to ensure you follow the legal eviction process of trespassers (often called “squatters”), correctly.  The laws surrounding trespass can be complex and they depend on various factors – is it a criminal or civil matter is just one. Allsquare Law’s Property Litigation team can help you through every stage of the process to ensure a healthy and stress-free resolution.

Trespass is an emotive legal situation and our specialist Property Litigation lawyers can provide a safe pair of hands to guide you through the process.  We work closely with highly skilled communicators in the Enforcement Sector, who have teams in residential and commercial to partner us through the process.

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Leasehold enfranchisement

Leasehold Enfranchisement – buying the Freehold.  If you are a freehold owner served with a collective/leasehold enfranchisement action Allsquare Law can assist you disputing the claim.

If you are a part of a group of leaseholders we can act for you in making the claim and act for you in extending your leases once you have purchased the freehold.

Leases with 80 years or less remaining on them will come up against a barrier from many high street lenders as they will refuse to grant a mortgage on that property.  This is effect on the open market value of the property which is why having a Property Law specialist to guide you, is imperative.

The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 gives residential leaseholders the statutory right to protect the value of their asset by either buying the freehold, or the leaseholder pays a premium to the landlord for the freehold interest.

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Rent and service recovery charges under long leases

At the heart of Allsquare Law’s core is our specialism for rent arrears and service charge recovery.  We are able to offer bulk recovery with swift responses and collection owing to the leading technology we have in-house.  Our bulk debt recovery service is accurate, fast and with excellent collection results, working with us can ensure your cashflow is on target.

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Claims of Disrepair

As Property Law specialists, we are able to offer excellent advice regarding disrepair.

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Tenancy surrender negotiations

As Property Law specialists we are able to offer expertise for tenancy surrender negotiations.

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Compulsory Purchase

Let the team at Allsquare Law advise you regarding compulsory purchases.  Our Property Law specialists work hand in hand with our Dispute Resolution teams to offer the best advice.  We have experience in CPO rules and can help with the legal complexities surrounding the compulsory purchase of land and buildings, advising you of compensation rights when objecting if you are a landowner having future business profit opportunities or potential development taken away owing to a CPO.

We also act for developers having received instructions for regeneration of land and buildings for sustained growth with the UK and can guide you through the complex legalities to enable you and your contractors to adhere to often strict timescales.

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First-Tier Tribunal “FTT” (Property Chamber)

The First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), is often the final destination when property management disputes cannot be resolved.  We work closely with Managing Agents guiding and advising them to proactively use the FTT as a way to prevent further disputes.  Our specialism for Property & Litigation law covers some of the following:-

  • Service charge disputes
  • Pre-assessment of reasonableness of service charges
  • Lease extensions
  • Assessing the cost to buy a freehold of your building
  • Contested Right to Manage/Appoint a Manager actions (see Section below)

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Right to Manage/Appoint a Manager

Allsquare Law offers leaseholders and managing agents alike, the Right to Manage (RTM).  The procedures for becoming an RTM can be very complex, therefore, having our team process this for you can ease the stress as there are often many chances for mistakes if correct processes are not followed through.

For dissatisfied leaseholders the Right to Manage process offers the ability to challenge historic issues in the management of a leasehold property.  The team at Allsquare Law have experience in situations from straightforward supported RTMs right through to complex defended cases, which is where our leading team of dispute resolution solicitors come into play.

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TOLATA claims

TOLATA Claims (“Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996”) give courts certain powers to resolve disputes about the ownership of land. These disputes often relate to Family Law whereby the land is in conjunction to the legal or beneficial ownership of the property.

There are two main types of application that can be made under a TOLATA Claim to resolve disputes, being i) the decision as to who is entitled to occupy, and ii) the decision of the nature and extent of the ownership of a property owned by two or more people.

If you are involved in a TOTALA claim, please contact us for further information.

Party walls

Let our expert Property Lawyers, together with our specialist team of Dispute Resolution Lawyers, ensure any Party Wall actions are dealt with accurately and swiftly.

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Nuisance actions

Our expert solicitors within Litigation and Dispute Resolution work closely with our Property Lawyers to ensure the nuisance actions are covered from all angles.

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Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is at the heart Allsquare Law’s foundation. Personal contact with your customer (the debtor) is critical to a successful collection. Our highly experienced Debt Recovery team can identify and resolve the key issues within a dispute as quickly as possible.  We can then judge the most effective course of action for recovery and will only advise legal action as a last resort.

Allsquare Law offers the highest standard of debt resolution outside the bond of hourly rates. Our fee structures are realistic and transparent – our results stand for themselves. From a single disputed invoice to bulk service recovery charges, we provide a complete service without draining your resources.

Ground Rent Recovery

Allsquare Law are proud of its 100% ground rent recovery statistics.  Having worked in Property together with Law for over 20 years the collective team at Allsquare Law understand the legalities of ground rent from the angle of the Leaseholder, the Managing Agent and the Freeholder.  We have worked closely with Credit Control departments for many years and by instructing Allsquare Law you are receiving a “in-house” feel to recovery.

Allsquare Law became an Alternative Business Structure in 2013 and with that Licence we were lucky to gain investment for leading software to ensure swift and accurate bulk recovery processes, therefore from a single case to bulk volume, our team and technology used are here to ensure your cash-flow rises stays healthy.

To kick start this procedure with us is extremely easy, requiring Leaseholder details together with a statement of arrears and as we offer No Win No Fee, you really have nothing to lose!

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Service Charge Arrears Recovery

Excellent block management depends upon the cash-flow the Property Managing Agent has. When you are up against arrears in service charges, the management of the block can have a detrimental effect.  Allsquare Law started its life over 20 years ago as RS Cameron, a debt recovery business, specialising in collecting service charge arrears for property managing agents. The experience we therefore have is next to none; we understanding our clients and their customers. Our hope is for your business to keep away from the FTTs and Courts by recovering undefended charges within a 3 week timescale, but always within 2 months.  Our Debt Recovery specialists, together with our Property Litigation team are tenacious and professional, understanding that swift recovery of service charges (enabled by leading technology to deal with bulk), is beneficial not only for our client’s cash-flow, but for our clients’ customers relationship with their them.

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Letter Before Action

A Letter Before Action is a formal letter setting out the payment owed by your customer to your business.  This letter gives your customer a period  of time in which to pay.  By using us (as a third party AND a firm of solicitors) the letter usually prompts swift recovery, however if the debt is disputed and you issue legal proceedings a Letter Before Action must be sent or costs may be forfeited.  Letters Before Action (often call a “7 day letter”) are very effective and by coming for a firm of solicitors, the extra authority gives rise to a fast response and keeps a working relationship back to being “all square”.

Need help with a No Win No Fee solicitor’s 7 day letter? Contact us now.

Bulk Debt Collection

Allsquare Law gained its Alternative Business Structure Licence in 2013, enabling us to acquire leading technology to allow our systems to work with bulk recovery; this in turn means that we can keep recovery fees to an absolute minimum.  If you are a Property Managing Agent with a large portfolio, an Insolvency Practitioner with mass ledgers or a firm of Solicitors with books full of unpaid invoices, please contact us for a free, non-obligatory.



You have instructed Allsquare to provide legal services in relation to recovery of service charge or ground rent debts.

These services will usually be provided at nil cost to you (see further below).  We will charge fees to those leaseholders in default where possible. The stages stated below are only our current estimate of the standard stages that are required in a matter of this type and where these stages are exceeded we reserve the right to seek payment of further fees from you.

However, you will remain ultimately liable for the fees we incur in this matter as our client and we reserve the right to purse settlement of any fee incurred as per the above, or any additional fees, directly from you.  

The standard fees that we will charge are as follows: –

STAGE FEES (includs vat unless otherwise stated) WHO PAYS
Debt Recovery, before the issue of proceedings. Usually we will send at least 3 letters to the debtor and allow at least 45 days for the debtor to settle the claim and avoid a county court claim. £240.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
We will always aim to settle the case at this stage and, at our sole discretion, we will negotiate a reduction in our fee if the Debtor agree to settle the debt promptly and pay our fee.
Correspondence with mortgage company to obtain an advance to settle the arrears, whether the advance is obtained or not. £180.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Preparing a County Court Claim.   £420.00
PLUS Court Fee to be confirmed.
Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Completing a Title Check to confirm ownership before the claim is issued.   £30.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Entering Judgment in Default of a Defence £30.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Advising on an admission or part admission of the debt and negotiating any repayment terms £60.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Advising on the contents of any Defence £180.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Issuing Allocation Questionnaire £30.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Filing further evidence in reply to the Defence or in support of the Claim £180.00 Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Attending any Hearing Attendance at any Hearing will attract an initial cost of £240 plus an additional £120 per hour for each hour/part hour for which the matter is listed, or £120 for each hour/part hour we attend Court whichever is the greater.  We will also charge for any travel costs incurred.  Where Counsel is instructed the total cost will be the fees charged by Counsel plus an additional £75 per hour for each hour/part hour the matter is listed for, or £75 for each hour/part hour we attend Court whichever is the greater.  This is to offset the costs of the junior member of staff who attends the Court with Counsel to manage the file.  Again we will also charge for any travel costs incurred. Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Instructing Counsel to attend any hearing £180.00
PLUS Counsel’s agreed attendance fee and any refresher fee plus VAT.
Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Drafting and filing any application at Court £180.00
PLUS Court Fee to be confirmed
Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.
Drafting and filling any Consent Order at Court £210.00
PLUS Court Fee to be confirmed
Property Owner, but in default you will be liable.


Where the stages envisaged above are exceeded, or where we are asked to provide services which exceed those stages stated above, we reserve the right to charge further fees to you at an agreed rate or, in default of agreement, at the our hourly rates as in force from time to time.

Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates are subject to review from time to time and we reserve the right to amend these rates following any such review without prior notice to you. As at the date of this letter, the rates are as follows: Solicitor £175.00 plus VAT per hour; and, Paralegal or equivalent £100.00 plus VAT per hour; and, Administrator £60.00 plus VAT per hour.

The Government Solicitor’s Guidelines are as follows:-

Pay band Fee earner National grade 2
A Solicitors and legal executives with over 8 years’ experience £201
B Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years’ experience £177
C Other solicitors or legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience £146
D Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners £111

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